Our Story

According to the Secretary of State in the great state of Texas – Kyle Fernandez Construction – also known as “Ridgecrest Custom Homes Ventures, LLC” officially launched in 2017 but, the story didn’t start there. Our founder and namesake Kyle Fernandez cut his teeth in construction as a teenager working in the mission field in the 1990’s as an active member of a Christian youth movement known as “World Changers”. Kyle spent his teen summers as a volunteer across the United States gutting and rebuilding homes for people and communities in need. As all entrepreneurs do – Kyle learned each construction trade from the ground up through sweat equity. From demolition to a finished home and everything in between.
Through those experiences Kyle fell in love with construction for multiple reasons. Most notably – he considers the journey of building a home for a family and sharing in their joy on the day they get to move in as something that is hard to compete with on the level of joy it brings to him. Throughout college Kyle was known as the guy that could build custom bunk beds for fellow student’s dorm rooms but, the restaurant industry is what paid the bills and got him through business school. Kyle spent most of his 20’s working in executive management within the restaurant industry – learning through the school of hard knocks how to manage people and business financials.
At the age of 27, Kyle left the restaurant industry and took a job for a national logistics company as an entry-level sales representative in a territory undeveloped at that time. In less than 2 years Kyle developed an operation that billed over $20 million annually and dominated a 13-state region. Kyle worked his way up in the corporate structure and was eventually elevated to the National Director of Sales.
In 2013 Kyle was hired by a manufacturing company in Round Rock, Texas as the Vice President of Sales. Building on his experience in domestic sales, Kyle entered the realm international trade. Given Kyle’s strong work ethic and leadership ability – the company grew dramatically but, something was missing in Kyle’s life. He had recently married his wife Nicole and they had a strong desire to start a family. However, being the leader of sales for a global supply chain company came at a cost of an intense international travel schedule so Kyle decided to resign, take a leap of faith, and go back to the industry that always gave him the most joy – construction.
That’s where Kyle Fernandez Construction was born and the rest is history.